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  • Hotel Apoksiomen

    A unique experience

    of Mediterranean lifestyle.

Special Offers

18-04-2014 - 21-04-2014

Easter in Mali Lošinj

Easter always represents a relaxed and pleasant time in the year and it is often associated with the early spring.

18-04-2014 - 24-05-2013

Spring awakening

The island of Lošinj and the Apoksiomen Hotel Mali Lošinj are a perfect choice for your spring holidays because spring is the most beautiful season on the island of Lošinj.

30-04-2014 - 04-05-2014

Labour day holiday

Spend your Labor Day weekend in a nature paradise at the island of Lošinj.

25-05-2014 - 05-07-2014

Sweet idleness

Do you wish a relaxing holiday to clear up your thoughts and to do nothing the whole day long?

06-07-2014 - 30-08-2014

Sun, sea & relax

All you need for a perfect summer holiday: a lot of sun, a crystal clear sea, a beautiful hotel, various programs and plenty of good mood.