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Art in the andel's Hotel Lodz

A hotel-gallery

Design is only a part of the andel’s philosophy.Together with the latest trends and art it creates a soul for the hotel.

andel's Contemporary Art

„The real art is always contemporary”. These words of Fiodor Dostojewski are reflected in the andel’s Hotel Lodz, where art is an element of interior design. Old textile machines, graffiti on walls, mural in Oscar’s Bar or art photos on corridors are only some of the esthetical experience, which hotel ensures. The permanent exhibition “andel’s Contemporary Art” consists of over 130 pieces of contemporary art. They refer to the history of the hotel building.

andel’s quarter

andel’s quarter is an art project, which presents the latest trends in modern art and shows works of the Polish contemporary artists. Each edition is an extraordinary esthetical experience. The artists dedicate their pieces of art only for the “andel’s quarter” exhibition. 

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andel´s Photo

andel's Photo is an art project, with the goal to present modern Polish young artists like the photographers, Rafal Milach and Leszek Gorski. These exhibitions show carefully selected works – each time of another artist. The project was initiated by Warimpex – the hotel developer and operator, art patron and promoter.

Past exhibitions

andel’s Photo (Fotofestival Lodz) – BUCZKOWSKA & DZIENIS - Hybrid Figures - 7th June 2014


Hybrid Figures is a series of works by artist duo Buczkowska & Dzienis. Realized since 2010, the project combines Dorota Buczkowska’s sculptural pieces with portrait photography typical of Przemek Dzienis.

The fabric which “dresses” photographed models is made of abstract works by Dorota Buczkowska. Created from unconventional and of ten non-sculpture materials (clothes, plastic pipes), the shaped forms become extension of human bodies, turning them into hybrid figures.

andel’s Photo + FASHIONWEEK – MMC Studio Designs Aldona Kaczmarczyk & Tomasz Malka – 10th May 2014


Praised for the finest fabrics, unique combinations, and original form the label has established itself as the symbol of nonchalant, exclusive minimalism. MMC clothing is used in editorials for the best fashion magazines.

Fashionistas, music, and movie stars alike love MMC. Their pieces have been seen on Anja Rubik, Zuzanna Bijoch, Joanna Horodyńska, Margaret, Aneta Kręglicka, Reni Jusis, Kinga Rusin, Marina Łuczenko, Anna Puślecka, Magdalena Cielecka, Magda Mołek, Małgosia Bela. The designers have also collaborated with Polish theaters and operas.

andel’s Photo - ZUZANA LAZAROVA - Out from the shadow - 28th February 2014


Zuzana Lazarova's photography freezes the flux of the surface of reality and, in rare cases, also the tissue hidden underneath: the hypersensitive structure full of forms and meanings that evade classical logic, but nevertheless are ready to be felt and intuited.

Through her metamorphoses of fear, acute corporeality, and frenetic displays of the absent objects of desire, where erotic associations intertwine with botanical and zoological motives, the artist unveils what is usually hidden from us – the unsettling beauty of the universe, more often than not accessible only through art.

andel's Photo - FILIP BERENDT - Every Single Crash - 17th January 2014


Filip Berendt is one of the most interesting young Polish artists and photographers. He combines photography with sculptures. This is what makes his works really unique. „Every Single Crash” is the effect of his stay in Asia and fascination of 18th century paintings. Accumulation of forms and structures in his works engages and intrigues with an ambiguous sensuality.

andel's Photo - LESZEK GÓRSKI - Architectures - 7th June 2013


The exhibition presents the excellent works of Leszek Górski – the photographer with 30 years experience. In his photographs, Górski presents the world in his unique way, often surprising and making fun.

His photographs are characterized by geometry, harmony and clarity. They speak with the loud voice, a bit like engineering projects and architectural constructions. Such as andel's Hotel Lodz.

andel’s quarter II – “Far too many things”: 18 January – 10 February 2013


“Far too many things” is a project that joins three fascinating realizations of contemporary Polish artists: Mikołaj Długosz, Maurycy Gomulicki and Iwo Rutkiewicz. Each of the projects will be presented in a different hotel suite. Every artist presents his own vision of warming up the public space and turn it into private surrounding. 

Curator: Marcin Krasny

Photos on Facebook fanpage: Vernissage i Exhibition

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andel’s quater I – „Long Time no see”: 15 – 22 April 2011



“Long time no see” is an attempt to bring Lodz and Warsaw closer together. The cities are  located close to each other geographically, but far off in terms of development and mentality. The exhibition consisted of 5 video works of artists from Lodz and Warsaw: Anna Orlikowska, Wiktor Polak, Jerzy Zachara (Łódź), Maciek Stępiński i Iwo Rutkiewicz (Warszawa). They were shown on big screens set in the hotel’s space, creating a magical atmopshere of the place. 

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