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F.X. Mayr Treatment

Take some time out and regain your energy for everyday life!

Dvořák Spa Hotel is the only hotel in Karlovy Vary which offers F. X. Mayr treatment supervised by experts and specially trained spa doctors. F. X. Mayr treatment removes harmful or toxic substances from your body and helps losing weight. Only when the intestine is healthy, the rest of the body will be vital and efficient.

F.X.Mayr treatment, which was named after the Austrian doctor and researcher Dr Franz Xaver Mayr (1875 – 1965), is a cure consisting of fasting and a following individually dosed diet. The weight reduction is a positive and pleasant side effect.

The F.X.Mayr therapy represents a natural way of recovery and health preservation for the entire body. You feel fresher and you will get more enjoyment out of life. Rest and relaxation are irreplaceable allies on the path to health!  

Opening hours

7.00 a.m. - 7.00 p.m.

Indoor pool and Fitness studio
7.00 a.m. - 10.00 p.m.

9.00 a.m. - 10.00 p.m.


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