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Special Offers

31-01-2014 - 07-09-2014

Holiday´s Special

This is the way how family holidays are the most fun - with our Holiday Special adults and children will experience pure adventure and relaxation.

07-01-2014 - 22-12-2014

Special for friends

Is the last meeting with your friends too long ago?

02-03-2014 - 30-06-2014

"2 for 1" Midweek special

Spring brings not only sunbeams, but also a particularly sunny special offer for our guests!

07-01-2014 - 22-12-2014

More to life

Immerse yourself in the Styrian hospitality, enjoy pure relaxation and recharge your batteries!

22-11-2013 - 23-06-2014

Spa package 3+1

Enjoy 4 nights at the hotel and 4 visits at the nearby public spa and pay ONLY for 3!

07-01-2014 - 22-12-2014

Spa & Relax Days

You have some free days in between and you think wellness vacation is not possible?

20-03-2014 - 20-06-2014

Spring awakening

You will be enchanted by blossoms and flowers - whether with a massage or in the form of some sweets.

07-01-2014 - 22-12-2014

Enjoy a Styrian week

Go on a discovery tour!

01-03-2014 - 30-11-2014

Styrian Golf

From only 1 night on - passionate golf moments in the sun-kissed Loipersdorf wait for you! Perfect your game or start now with this fascinating sport.

18-03-2014 - 31-10-2014

Bicycle time in Loipersdorf

Do you want to experience nature directly, do something for your fitness and recharge your batteries with fresh energy for everyday life?

01-06-2014 - 31-08-2014

Golf Inclusive Summer

Book from 1 night on in sunny Loipersdorf - for every passionate golfer!

21-03-2014 - 12-10-2014

smovey - activity and relaxation

smovey – the new activity for all ages and target groups has many advantages and is fun!

02-01-2014 - 22-12-2014

Spoiling Days during the week

Choose either golf at the near golf course, a massage at the hotel or spend a relaxing day at the public thermal spring and enjoy styrian hospitality.

07-01-2014 - 22-12-2014

Romantic Moments

A free-standing bath tube isle in the middle of the room is perfect for romantic moments during your wellness holiday... Enjoy a pleasant massage treatment for TWO!

08-08-2014 - 18-08-2014

jOPERA "Die Hochzeit des Figaro"

Combined with a relaxing stay at Hotel Loipersdorf Spa & Conference, this is enjoyment & culture at the highest level.

25-01-2014 - 22-11-2014

Therapeutic fasting

Why not combine relaxation and fasting?

02-02-2014 - 19-04-2014

Base Fasting - Gourmet Week

Our everyday life is often marked by stress and hectic and makes us “sour” in the truest sense of word and at all levels: physically, mentally and emotionally.

27-01-2014 - 04-06-2014

Intensive seminar - "Three days to change your life"

Treat yourself to an intensive period just for you and take stock of your life!

13-01-2014 - 25-06-2014

Intensive seminar "Step by step into your new life"

Special running-seminar guided from Max and Margit Wenisch!

25-01-2014 - 29-06-2014

Smoke-free according to the PDM®-method

PDM ® is the world's most effective method to quit smoking with the highest recommendation "A" of the WHO!

21-03-2014 - 28-06-2014

Stress-free according to the PDM®-method

Stress-free thanks to a good mood!

22-03-2014 - 29-06-2014

Diet-free according to the PDM®-method

With the PDM ® - method you learn to maintain your well-being in your body.


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