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Objects of Art

The artworks will find you!

The Martinspark Hotel Dornbirn.

This is the place where Art, Culture and Pleasure forming a sparkling symbiosis. Selected natural materials and clean lines characterize the original and charming style.

During your stay you will discover seven artworks at the Martinspark Hotel. Do not search them, let yourself be surprised by them.

The Artists and the Artworks


Butterflies by Ingmar Alge jr.


The project „Butterflies 1994/95” takes a box of matches with a butterfly motive as starting point of a communication between the artist and the user, who is asked to change the motive spontaneously.

Enlarged photos of the changed motives can be found in the rooms of the Martinspark hotel. The concept consists of hundred distinct photo reproductions of the used boxes.

Heinrich Dunsts Art Pieces


One of our conference rooms was equipped with Heinrich Dunst's paintings. 

He is always using the visual syntax – at the bottom in the style of a strategy - to realize the concise interactions of fit in commission of an introduced visual expression. Just because there are limits – also when it doesn’t seem so initially, the distinguishability probably remains dominant. 

This seemingly impenetrable artwork of a recall from the Expression reached this: Our consciousness to edge these limits, which configure the thinking and the input in shapes – individual shapes, which are finding the present in an underlying structure.

Bed Covers by Maria Baumschlager-Dünser


In her project for the Martinspark Hotel Maria Baumschlager-Dünser's drafts for 150 quilts were assembled as a patchwork and sewed by female Bosnian refugees.

Maria Baumschlager-Dünser regards the area between the human body and its covering as a field of energy.

"Die Irritation im Sekundentakt" by Wolfgang Flatz


The element water is the center of the sculpture “Element of Energy”. 

The artist uses it as raw material for his sculpture and at the same time as a symbol for the nature of art, which he understands as “raw material” of life.

The water is processed in two formations: as the uncontrolled plunging mass of water outside the restaurant and as a controlled, individual unit - the water drop in the hotel lobby.

The four-part sculpture body check / Physical Sculpture No. 5 of Wolfang Flatz


The four-part sculpture body check / Physical Sculpture No. 5 is one of the major works of the artist Wolfgang Flatz, born in 1952 in Dornbirn . For the international exhibition "Documenta IX" in Kassel in 1992 created, it sparked the interest of artists, critics and audiences. "Body Check / Physical Sculpture No.5 is a metaphor about the interplay of power and ground, the form and content of violence and provocation of perpetrators and victims, and society of artists, and a slice of life," so Flatz in the year 1991.

Laszlo Moholy-Nagy


Moholy-Nagy's interest to use light perception as a medium of visual arts, continued his work beyond the traditional easel painting. He was one of the first who introduced photograms, photomontage and photography, the process of image acquisition as a legitimate, equal to painting.

„Red Constellation” of Imi Knoebel


In the center of the abstract language are square, rectangle and circle segments, the main materials are wood strips, hardboard, plywood, paper, oil and acrylic paints. The playful use of Geometry leads to image formations of great lightness and spatial presence.

The large, detached Chrysanthemums of Josef Frank


The large, detached Chrysanthemums are a deviation from the intricate branches and floral vines. Designer Josef Frank (1885-1967) is mostly using this textile designs and he became very famous for it. As known, Viennese architect of Jewish descents,  he settled in Sweden after he has escaped through the persecution of Jews in the 2nd World War. His artworks are just since 1980 in Austia purchsable.

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