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Culinary insider tip: Burger meets Diplomat in Prague

Prague is a historic city with many interesting places to visit, but it is also famous for the variety of the local cuisine. If you want to feel like you’re back home in your own country and are looking for some familiar foods,...

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Culinary insider tips: Eat your way through Bratislava

Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, is one of the country’s main tourist destinations. Here both locals and visitors will find a wide variety of restaurants, coffee shops and pubs that simply shouldn’t be missed.

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How to make your dad feel like a Superhero on Father’s Day

We’ve heard that a lot of fathers are feeling jealous of our unusual Mother’s Day idea!

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Mother’s Day Special Travel Tips “Where not to take your mum”!

You may well live a life of adventure, parties and all-out action… but convincing your mum that she should join you in all your crazy fuelled fun is always going to be a challenge!

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Dish of the month: Wild garlic and lemon cup cakes with fried asparagus and rhubarb-blueberry chutney

Asparagus season is here! No sooner does the first asparagus stick its tender tips out of the earth than it is already on its way onto our dinner plates.

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Face to Face: Marison Dantas da Silva, Head of Marketing of VI Hotels & Resorts

Unconventional, impassioned, yet cool-headed: Marison Dantas da Silva, Head of Marketing, fits a lot of descriptions – or maybe not. Why she actually never wanted to work in marketing, how she gave up a life on the big stage, and...

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Culinary insider tips: on a journey of tastes in Paris

Paris is one of those places where you expect only the best on your plate. But it’s easy to get stuck in a tourist trap and miss out on some wonderful opportunities for fireworks of tastes in your mouth (haven’t you seen...

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