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  • Martinspark Hotel Dornbirn, where

    Art, Culture and Pleasure

    reside all year round.

Art & Culture

Bregenz Festival

The Opera on the Lake (held from mid-July till mid-August) is famous worldwide. Experience a night of opera on the biggest open air stage in Europe.

We offer package deals, including free shuttle service, for individuals and groups."The Magic Flute" from Wolgang A. Mozart will be played on the Bregenz Lake Stage after 17 years of absence. The most played opera will be performed in the season 2013 / 2014.

Your Festival Stay



The Schubertiade in Vorarlberg (held annually from April to October) is considered to be the most important Schubert festival.

For the audience and for the artists, the wide valley at Bregenz Forest, covered by fields and surrounded by mountains, is an uplifting sight time and again. 

Kunsthaus Bregenz

Kunsthaus Bregenz is one of the most extraordinary museums of contemporary art in Europe as it concerns its programme and its architecture.
The 1880 m² exhibition space extends to the KUB-Arena on the ground floor with three upper floors.

We would be pleased to organise guided tours with transfer to the Kunsthaus Bregenz for you.

Enjoy Art, Culture and Pleasure in Bregenz and the Martinspark Hotel!

Active throughout the year!

Spielboden Dornbirn

Concert- and theatre location in Dornbirn.
Visit the Spielboden webpage to find a listing of their Events.

Spielboden Dornbirn

Musikladen - Concerts, Cabarets & Musicals

Want to enjoy a concert, musical, cabaret or soccer game during your stay at Martinspark Hotel?
Musikladen Concerts is offering a broad range of events and festivals to brighten up your holidays!

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