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Давность: 28-07-2014 Автор: Ricarda Kraft

Happily ever after – a fairy-tale wedding

Who does not dream about Mr. or Mrs. Right, including a romantic engagement ceremony, a fairy-tale wedding and a lavish honeymoon? What sounds like a fairy tale to many, became a reality for me (Ricarda) and Michael. An...

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Давность: 18-07-2014 Автор: Annabel Herrick

25 Facts about Paris, France

Paris may be famous for the romance, the food, the art and the wine but the city is still full of secrets. If you’re planning a getaway to Paris, look beyond the Eiffel Tower to the parks and lesser-known attractions to enjoy...

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Давность: 11-07-2014 Автор: Christa Hanten

Pilsen: a Taste of (Beer) Culture

The city of Pilsen in western Bohemia is known around the world for its Original Pilsner Urquell. But the Czech Republic’s fourth largest city has much more to offer than just beer, especially with a look ahead to its status as...

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Давность: 04-07-2014 Автор: Christa Hanten

Berlin... the green metropolitan city

A train of fresh air Berlin is green: There are more than 2,500 public parks and gardens in the city, most of them easily reachable by S-Bahn. The rapid transit system can be recognised by the white S on a green background!

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Давность: 27-06-2014 Автор: Hélène Klingler

Summertime in Paris

It’s summer time and you’ve arrived in Paris at last, there is no time to lose! Have a closer look at what is in store for you during summer: there´s always plenty to do when the sky is blue!

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Давность: 20-06-2014 Автор: Tom Watts

25 facts about Salzburg, Austria

Salzburg is an immensely popular city with many historic and cultural sites. VI hotel´s Castellani Parkhotel is the perfect location, with tranquil grounds yet located close to the bustling old town neighbourhood.

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Давность: 12-06-2014 Автор: Tom Watts

World Cup Guide: VI Hotels Around Europe

We’re not sure if you’re aware, but this month there’s a pretty big football tournament going on…

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