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Давность: 17-10-2014 Автор: Monika Mühl

Katowice: an Art Experience

The lively arts and culture scene in Katowice remains in motion in 2015, with the Silesian Museum moving into the former Katowice coal mine as the epicentre of a new cultural centre. A must for any art-loving visitor to the city.

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Давность: 10-10-2014 Автор: Monika Mühl

Geo Caching - A High-Tech Treasure Hunt

Have you ever thought about exploring a city as a modern-day treasure seeker? The trend is called “geocaching” and is defined as a “high-tech treasure hunt that is played around the world using GPS devices.”.

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Давность: 03-10-2014 Автор: Hélène Klingler

Alone in Paris on a misty night...

Halloween is coming and Paris already feels a little chilly, as if becoming a little bit different, even strange… maybe it’s because night is slowly falling on the city.

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Давность: 29-09-2014 Автор: Cornelia Schüller

5 facts about angelo Hotel Ekaterinburg, Russia

Do you know Ekaterinburg in the Russian Ural Mountains? This year, the angelo Hotel Ekaterinburg is already celebrating its 5th anniversary. Let´s have a quick look what makes the design hotel so special…

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Давность: 26-09-2014 Автор: Monika Mühl

Bucharest: Paris of the East

Bucharest can really turn your head. Everywhere you look, the city reveals another side of itself. This makes it so difficult to say what exactly defines its character and charm. Exciting, at any rate, are its amazing...

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Давность: 19-09-2014 Автор: Annabel Herrick

25 facts about Lodz, Poland

Lodz is a really hidden city jewel. Now rapidly being transformed into one of Poland’s major cultural and business hubs, it’s also home to VI Hotels famous andel’s hotel!

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Давность: 12-09-2014 Автор: Monika Mühl

Austria’s Wine Country

Currently 8 of Austria’s 16 wine regions are defined as DAC regions: Weinviertel, Mittelburgenland, Traisental, Kremstal, Kamptal, Leithaberg, Eisenberg and Neusiedlersee. Join us as we travel through Austria’s wine country and...

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