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Давность: 29-08-2014 Автор: Sonja Krenn

Fasting Diary in Opatija

“For some things in life, there’s no better time than… now!” Now that’s the sort of motivation I need to start a week of fasting! It’s spring – the perfect time of year to start something new, to throw out the old, to do...

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Давность: 22-08-2014 Автор: Kelsey MacDonald

25 Facts about Cracow, Poland

Bursting with culture, historical landmarks, museums, unique festivals, mysteries, myths and legends. Cracow is one of the best cities in Poland with its rich history and unique attractions.

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Давность: 15-08-2014 Автор: Monika Mühl

Summer flirt on Mali Lošinj, Croatia

Living a life of “dolce far niente” on the Adriatic Sea – which really does sparkle and shine in azure, emerald, turquoise and many other shades of blue – is the main reason for many to come to the Croatian Riviera. The water...

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Давность: 08-08-2014 Автор: Monika Mühl

Walks around Carlsbad

For Alexander von Humboldt, the famous naturalist and explorer, the forests around Carlsbad in Czech Republic amounted to Europe’s most beautiful nature park. Karl Marx, the philosopher and revolutionary thinker, thought the...

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Давность: 01-08-2014 Автор: Hélène Klingler

10 fun facts & figures about Disneyland Paris®

How many of you haven’t been past the doors of the Disneyland® Park and the Walt Disney Studios® in Paris? Surely you had your one dream stay in the magical world of Mickey Mouse, Peter Pan and Rémi from Ratatouille and had your...

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Давность: 28-07-2014 Автор: Ricarda Kraft

Happily ever after – a fairy-tale wedding

Who does not dream about Mr. or Mrs. Right, including a romantic engagement ceremony, a fairy-tale wedding and a lavish honeymoon? What sounds like a fairy tale to many, became a reality for me (Ricarda) and Michael. An...

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Давность: 18-07-2014 Автор: Annabel Herrick

25 Facts about Paris, France

Paris may be famous for the romance, the food, the art and the wine but the city is still full of secrets. If you’re planning a getaway to Paris, look beyond the Eiffel Tower to the parks and lesser-known attractions to enjoy...

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