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19-10-2014 - 28-12-2015

Taste angelo Pilsen

Come taste our culinary specialties and visit the world famous Pilsner Urquell brewery, which is located directly opposite of our angelo Hotel Pilsen. A tour of Bohemia Sekt uncovers the secrets of...

19-10-2014 - 28-12-2015

Pilsner Business Traveller

Count with us when planning your business trip to Pilsen!


Pilsen the heart of west Bohemia

Thousands of guests visit the city all year round with its large variety of cultural events, historical sights and nature beauties.

About Pilsen

Be our business partner

Do you plan a business trip? Check out our special offer for non-contracted business partners.

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Visit the famous zoo in Pilsen

The Pilsen Zoo and the Botanical Gardens ist the second oldest zoo in the Czech Republic and it is the most visited attraction in the region.

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